What is PynPoints?

PynPoints is the next evolution in location-based marketing and information distribution.

PynPoints easily and effortlessly allows businesses, organizations and governmental agencies of all sizes, from the smallest mom-and-pop to the largest corporation, to reach their customers, members or constituents with their marketing message or informational item at the exact time and place when that marketing message or informational item is the most relevant to their audience and that audience is most likely to act upon it.

For example, a small restaurant that is usually slow after 9pm could target the local high school stadium where the local football team is about to come away with a hard fought victory. They could schedule a PynPoints Notification for the end of the 4th quarter targeting that specific time and location with an offer for a Buy 1 Get 1 Victory Pizza. Fans at the game with the PynPoints App will receive the promotional offer.

PynPoints takes this location-based notification model one step further by tracking which users actually act upon the location-based notification, if applicable, through our proprietary PynPoints Conversion Tracking. So, in our example above, those users that received the promotional pizza offer at the football stadium and then actually went to the restaurant after the game during the promotional time window would be tracked by PynPoints and counted as a PynPoints Conversion.

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Why is this type of marketing so effective?

Most traditional forms of marketing only somewhat achieve the desired goal of getting a marketing message to an intended audience at the appropriate time and location and thus are not able to reach the maximum potential for audience participation in the desired marketing outcome. In addition, most fail to reach their full intended audience as well as reaching an unintended audience not suited for their marketing message; thus wasting precious ad dollars.

Take for instance our example above, had the restaurant placed their Victory Pizza offer in the local newspaper or on the local radio station that day, they would have reached some of their patrons who are local high school football fans but not all of them. Conversely, they would have reached an even greater number of individuals who would not be attending the game. Now since ad dollars are based on audience reach, they would have been paying to reach individuals that they did not want to.

In addition, those they did reach with their marketing messsage and did attend the football game would most likely not remember the Victory Pizza offer at that most crucial of moments, that is, when the game has ended and they are trying to decide where to go eat for a victory dinner. Even non-traditional forms of marketing such as social media suffer from this lack of time and place marketing that PynPoints offers.

PynPoints on the other hand only delivers a business, organization or governmental agency's message to their PynPoints users thus fully reaching the desired audience with no unintended recipients. Furthermore, those messages are only delivered to those users in a desired geographical location at a desired time thus maximizing the number of recipients who are likely to participate in the message's desired outcome.

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